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I. Introduction

NLT is offering you the opportunity to advertise your business or product(s) on the NLT Website. If you are interested please contact NLT at the following contact details:

The Manager
152 St John Street 
Western Cape 
South Africa 

Telephone: 044 – 272 8991

Facsimile: 044 - 279 2838

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.lusern.org

Statistics of visitors to the website will be made available on request.

II. Rates

*All rates listed are excluding VAT and subject to change.

Banner ad Three Months Six Months One Year
Highly visible banner (480x120)(See Example A) R 450-00 R 855-00 R1710-00
Rectangular banner (150x128)(See Example B) R 180-00 R 342-00 R 648-00
Square banner (150x150)(See Example C) R 225-00 R 425-00 R 855-00
Large Rectangular banner (150x300)(See Example D) R 300-00 R 570-00 R1140-00
Standard banner (468x60)(See Example E) R 300-00 R 570-00 R1140-00

III. Examples

A.  Highly visible banner (480 x 120) – Content pages position

Highly visible banner
Highly visible banner

B.  Rectangular banner (150 x 128) – Side position

Rectangular banner
Rectangular banner

C.  Square banner (150 x150) – Side position

Square banner
Square banner

D.  Large Rectangular banner (150 x 300) – Side position

Large Rectangular banner
Large Rectangular banner

E.  Standard banner (468 x 60) – Bottom position

Standard banner
Standard banner

IV. Miscellaneous Information

NLT supports the Internet Advertising Bureau banner advertisement standards. These standards make it convenient for advertisers and agencies to create and supply advertisements. Most of our advertisement sizes and formats are therefore in compliance with these standards, however, due to the nature of the site and the look and feel of it, we also have custom banner sizes in order to give some of our sponsors and advertisers even more exposure. The 480x120 advertisement is an example of these.

Ad sizes and format

Banners/buttons provided by the advertiser must comply with dimension specifications and should not exceed 50Kb in size. Advertisements can be in flash, .jpg or .gif format.


Advertisements designed by the advertiser must be submitted to NLT at least three days before publication.

If you prefer, the design staff at Fresh Lemon Media can produce your advertisement and the fee charged will be R250-00 per hour excluding VAT. Time charged should not exceed 1 to 2 hours. You will have full approval rights prior to online publishing. If you choose to take advantage of this service, you will need to provide us with the following:

  • A camera-ready version of your logo and/or applicable product graphics
  • Advertising copy
  • The URL your ad will link to (if applicable)


Please allow three business days to produce your online advertisement.




All advertisements link to the advertiser's Web site at no additional charge. If the advertiser does not have a Web site, we can link it to your email address.


Minimum run


All advertisements must run a minimum of three months.

V. Why promote your business with lusern.org?

  • Internet Advertising is the most accountable form of advertising ever created,
  • The NLT website will act as a 24 hour Worldwide Billboard for your business,
  • The website is easy to update and much less costly than creating printed brochures
  • Your advertisement can target your specific product niche or geographic area,
  • New customers can be introduced to you and your business before even moving into the area,
  • Your website allows customers to contact you via email anytime from anywhere.

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Advertising Rates