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Quality & Grading Scheme of Lucerne Hay

Terminology / Word descriptions

•  Any meaning assigned to a word used in this Scheme, has that meaning; and

•  “NLT” stands for the National Lucerne Trust, an organisation that coordinates and promotes the interests of the lucerne industry, registration number 1997/14042/08;

•  “Scheme” refers to this Quality and Grading Scheme of the NLO;

•  “NLT sampling and analysing procedure" refers to the procedure for sampling and analysing as set out in this Scheme;

•  “NIR instrument” refers to a Near Infrared Spectrometer as approved by the NLO for use in accordance with the Scheme;

•   “NIR instrument owner” refers to the owner of an NIR instrument as well as to any other person who uses such an instrument on behalf of the owner;

•  “to accredit” means to be accredited at the Scheme where the accreditation results in a contractual relationship between the NLO and the accredited person;

•   “to grade” implies the grading of lucerne hay according to Appendix D;

•   “trader” refers to a person (including the producer) that buys and sells lucerne hay, be it in its original or in its processed form, and includes a trader that processes lucerne hay;

•  “calibrations” refers to the calibrations of lucerne hay according to the NLT;

•  “quality standards” refers to the quality standards as set out in Appendix D;

•  “lucerne hay” refers to the hay from the lucerne plant Medicago sativa L;

•  “sample taking” implies the taking of samples according to the procedures set out in Appendix C;

•  “network controller” refers to the network controller accredited by this Scheme;

•  “to analyse” as well as “analysing procedure” refer to the analysis of lucerne hay according to the procedures as set out in Appendix C;

•  “to register” means the registration of an NIR instrument by virtue of the Scheme;

•  “ring test” refers to a ring test as described in Appendix B;

•  “to certify” means to analyse, grade and certify lucerne hay in terms of this Scheme;

•  “spectral outlier” refers to the spectral outliers as described in Appendix B;

•  “validation” refers to the validation as set out in Appendix B; and

•  “processor” refers to a person that processes lucerne hay, be it for his own account or on behalf of someone else.



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