22 | 03 | 2018
Lucerne Utilization PDF Print E-mail

Environmental awareness and the occurrence of erosion will promote increasing use of crops such as lucerne for feeding animals.

A further advantage of legumes is the ability to fix nitrogen effectively in symbiosis with Rhizobium bacteria.This nitrogen can be utilised by a cash crop such as maize to give higher yields.

The effective conversion of lucerne into high quality meat and milk by ruminants will increasingly play a key role in providing food to a growing South African population.

Increased consumer-choice of free-range poultry and pigs will also offer economic advantages to the producer who is willing to utilise possible alternative marketing channels, where a premium system is in operation.

The veld in those areas with cold winters and high summer rainfall (sourveld), cannot supply quality grazing in winter, and energy and protein needs especially are a problem on natural grazing.

The production and harvesting of lucerne is therefore aimed at making high-quality silage and hay to provide for animals’ needs through the winter.

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